World Congress

Year Exec Committee Meeting Council Meeting Conference Venue Conference Theme
2018 51st 26th Newcastle, NSW, Australia Affordable Living In Sustainable Cities: Achieving The Sustainable Development Goals and The New Urban Agenda
2016 49th 25th Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia Our Urban Futures - Sustainable and Resilient
2014 47th 24th Jakarta, Indonesia Towards Resilient and Smart Cities
2012 45th 23rd Daegu, Korea  
2010 43rd 22nd Adelaide, South Australia 50th EAROPH Golden Jubilee Cities & their Regions - Catalysts for Change
2008 41st 21st Himeji City and Awaji City, Hyogo-prefecture, Japan 'Sustainable City Development Succeeding Traditional and Disaster Culture'
2006 39th 20th Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia Sustainable Human Settlements for a Better Quality of Life
2004 37th 19th Melbourne, Australia Reform & Change in Housing & Planning-Towards Sustainability in the Asia Pacific
2002 35th 18th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Innovative Technologies for good urban Governance
2000 33rd 17th Oryana, Korea Local Development and planning in the 21st Century
1998 31st 16th Bali, Indonesia Management of Change in the Era of Economic Austerity
1996 29th 15th Auckland, New Zealand Sustainable Communities Action Through Planning and Housing to Act
1994 27th 14th Bejing, China Human Settlements Towards 21st Century-Issues and Challenges
1992 25th 13th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Planning Towards a Caring Society
1990 24th 12th Seoul, Korea Major Planning and Issues in 1990s: Decade of Turning Point
1988 22nd 11th Nagoya, Japan Metropolitan-Metamorphosis and Development
1986 20th 10th Adelaide, Australia Innovation in Planning and Housing
1984 18th 9th Hong Kong Metropolitan Growth in the Eastern Region, Technically Management?
1982 16th 8th Jakarta, Indonesia Techniques and Technologies for Human Settlements in the '80's
1980 14th 7th Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Human Settlements in the Process
1978   6th New Delhi, India Towards a Humane Environment-Planning for Human Living
1975   5th Manila, Philippines Planning Human Settlements and Environment for National Development
1972   4th Seoul, Korea  
1970   3rd Canberra, Australia  
1960   2nd Tokyo, Japan Implementation of Recommendations of International Conferences and Planning held East Asia Region
1958   1st New Delhi, India The 1st South East Asia Regional Conference on Housing and Town Pinter alia from Europe