Earoph Publications

These include occasional Congress Proceedings and the EAROPH Bulletin. The EAROPH Bulletin with UMP news, our quarterly, continues to be most important means of communication with our members. The themes for the various issues over the years are:

Month and Year Theme
June 2007 eBulletin Vol 2
March 2007 eBulletin Vol 1
2006 Sustainable Human Settlements for a Better Quality of Life
2005 Risk Management in Human Settlements
2004 Reform & Change in Housing & Planning - Towards Sustainability in the Asia Pacific
2003 Self-Support & Ties of Municipalities
2002 Innovative Technologies for Good Urban Governance
2001 Area of Development - International Perspectives
September / December 2000 Local Development and Planning in the 21st century
March / June 1999 Strategic Asset Management for Urban Governance
September / December 1998 Management of change in the Era if Economic Austerity
March / June 1998 Transparency, Accountability and Corruption & East Asian ethics and Values
September / December 1997 Urban Poverty and Urban Sustainability
June 1997 Urban Governance and Urban Sustainability
March 1997 Urban Environment Agenda
December 1996 15th EAROPH World Planning Congress (Auckland 4-7 September 1996)
September 1996 Habitat II in Istanbul (June 1997)
June 1996 Profiles of Megacities in the EAROPH Region
March 1996 Capacity Building in Urban Management
December 1995 Mega City Management
September 1995 Water supply
June 1995 Self help and community Participation
December 1994 Urban Management
September 1994 :14th EAROPH World Planning Congress(Beijing 15-21 September1994)
June 1994 Land Matters
March 1994 Urban Crisis